Bringing Life to Your Kitchen- Granite Countertops and More

Are you tired of looking at the discolored grout between your old tile backsplash? Maybe your formica counters are worn and possibly cracked. Isn’t it about time that you’ve brought new life to your kitchen and your home? Here are a few simple design ideas which are sure to help you fall back in love with your kitchen.

1.) Paint

Painting is one of the easiest ways to revamp your kitchen. New paint can help to brighten the mood in any kitchen. By simply running out to your local paint supplier, picking up your supplies and grabbing a few friends for the afternoon, you’ll get started on the road to achieving your dream kitchen.

2.) Accessories

Accessorizing your kitchen is something that’s often overlooked by many homeowners. Unique lighting fixtures, hardware, hand towels and so on, are simple ways to really make your kitchen pop. If you’ve had the same old hardware on your cabinets for years but still love the look of your cabinets, new copper or brushed nickel hardware can go a long way. Small touches of color here and there can make a drastic difference.

3.) Furniture

You don’t need to spend a lot on your kitchen table and chairs to get an amazing entertaining and dining area in your kitchen. Reclaimed furniture has become increasingly popular – for good reasons. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings true for those who are avid yard-salers, trash pickers and craigslisters. Any one of these three can provide you with a priceless find. Many people throw out their old furniture, not realizing that with some elbow grease, a sander and a little wood stain your kitchen furniture can be transformed, leaving your friends drooling over it.

4.) Countertops

While the first three design ideas are obviously the most friendly on your wallet, our granite countertops are a great way to bring new life to your kitchen – you’ll even find that the small investment offers you a great reward. Granite counters are superior to other natural stones because of their durability and beauty. Granite Transformations is the only company that provides no demolition and most installations are usually done in only a day. Our wide selection of colors give you the ability to match any design preference. You’ll increase the value of your home with our granite countertops, which come with a lifetime warranty!

You don’t have to continue living with an ugly, outdated kitchen. These four simple design ideas are sure ways to bring new life to an old space.


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